HUMANKIND: Premium Edition (v1.0.24.4218 – Bonny Update + All DLCs + Bonus Content + MULTi12) (From 8 GB) [DODI Repack]

HUMANKIND: Premium Edition (v1.0.24.4218 – Bonny Update + All DLCs + Bonus Content + MULTi12) (From 8 GB) [DODI Repack]

HUMANKIND: Premium Edition (v1.0.24.4218 – Bonny Update + All DLCs + Bonus Content + MULTi12) (From 8 GB) [DODI Repack]


Release Date : August 17, 2021
Genre: Strategy / Turn-Based Strategy / 4X / Historical
Developer: AMPLITUDE Studios
Publisher : SEGA
Language: MULTi12
Version : v1.0.24.4218 – Bonny Update
Crack By: RUNE


– Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
– OS: Windows 7
– Processor: Intel i5 4th generation / AMD FX-8300
– RAM: 8 GB of RAM
– Video card: NVIDIA GTX 770 / AMD R9 290, DirectX 11
– Disk space: 33.8 GB

HUMANKIND Description

“HUMANKIND” is an immersive historical strategy game that empowers players to rewrite the annals of human history and sculpt a distinctive civilization from a mosaic of diverse cultures.

Key Features:

  1. CREATE YOUR CIVILIZATION: Forge your own unique society by melding together 60 historical cultures, guiding them from ancient epochs to contemporary eras. Commence as a humble tribe in the Neolithic era, progress through the annals as Babylonians, Mayans, Umayyads, British, and beyond. Each culture introduces distinct gameplay elements, offering near-endless possibilities for diverse scenarios.
  2. PERSONALIZE WORLD HISTORY: Immerse yourself in pivotal historical events, confront tough choices, and unearth groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs. Unravel the Earth’s natural wonders or erect awe-inspiring human marvels. Every game element mirrors historical accuracy, empowering you to shape the world according to your vision.
  3. CARVE YOUR LEGACY: The journey is as significant as its culmination. Glory supersedes conventional victory conditions. Each monumental achievement, pivotal decision, and military conquest acts as stepping stones toward glory, immortalizing your imprint on world history. The player amassing the greatest glory emerges victorious. Can you etch the most profound mark in history?
  4. ENGAGE IN STRATEGIC BATTLES: Navigate tactical battles across land, sea, and air, resembling miniature turn-based board games set on a real-world map. Strategically deploy armies, command culturally unique troops, and leverage their special abilities. Construct formidable armaments to besiege and conquer cities. Participate in large-scale, protracted conflicts, unhesitatingly reinforcing troops into battle!
  5. CRAFT YOUR OWN LEADER: Assume the mantle of a leader you can craft and personalize! Your avatar’s appearance evolves as your civilization advances. Level up your leader and unlock new skins, showcasing them to other players in online matches accommodating up to eight participants.

Are you prepared to steer humanity’s destiny in “HUMANKIND”?

How To Install

1- Run the installer as administrator

2- Click on the page

3- Press the up arrow on your keyboard

4- Click Install

5- Click Continue

6- Select installation destination

7- Click Next

8- Select component

9- Install

Repack Features

Based on HUMANKIND.Cultures.of.Oceania-RUNE ISO Release
Game Version : v1.0.24.4218 – Bonny Update
1633650=HUMAN KIND – Digital Deluxe Upgrade
1633651=HUMAN KIND – Pre-Purchase
1704220=HUMAN KIND – Default Content 1
1704221=HUMAN KIND – Default Content 2
1819400=HUMAN KIND – Cultures of Africa Pack
1819410=HUMAN KIND – Cultures of Latin America Pack
1833990=HUMAN KIND – Together We Rule Expansion Pack
1838710=HUMAN KIND – Great Zimbabwe Wonder
1868440=HUMAN KIND – Amplified 22 Rewards
2320210=HUMAN KIND – Para Bellum Wonders Pack
2320211=HUMAN KIND – Cultures of Oceania Pack
Bonus Content
– soundtrack
– Posters (Tech/Units Tree PDFs)
Selective Download feature : you can skip downloading and installing of in-game tutorial videos and bonus content
Language :
– Text: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish – Spain, Portuguese – Brazil, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
– Audio: English
– Language can be changed in the game menu
Repack Size : From 8 GB
Final Size : 33.8 GB
Lossless Repack : NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Installation time : 1 – 4 mins
Greetings : Razor12911, ElAmigos, KaOsKrew, FitGirl
Repack By DODI

Backwards Compatibility

This repack is slightly backwards compatible with my previous repack. You can rehash Bonus-Contents.doi files

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